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Are you still with that super fund that was automatically assigned to you at your first job filing papers? Perhaps you’re questioning the ethics of the investments of your current super? Or maybe you’re sick and tired of the bureaucratic red tape that limits you from investing your retirement kitty where you see fit?

It’s time to find an SMSF accountant.

Perth’s Link Accounting and Business Solutions is all about creating financial freedom for its clients – and a self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be a big leap towards this. Whether retirement is fast approaching or still a distant dream, whether you’re self-employed or a loyal worker, a self-managed super fund can make financial sense. Why?

It Can Increase Your Tax Benefits & Offers Flexibility

Our trusted SMSF accountants are well versed in Australian tax law and ATO regulations, and can cleverly – and lawfully – create an SMSF that’s right for you, while substantially increasing your tax benefits. Many people are drawn to this element of an SMSF but lack the knowledge, patience, or time to yield the maximum rewards. With the help of our SMSF accountants, Perth individuals and businesses will find their tax benefits just keep growing.

Forget about the fine print, the punitive guidelines, or the red tape. A self-managed super fund gives you total control of your pension income and how you invest it. This allows you to borrow and invest in projects that are meaningful to you – or that yield big financial awards for you and your family.  Found an investment property you know is an absolute steal? Invest your super in direct property.

It Saves You Time

What’s the point in striving for financial freedom if tedious record keeping swallows up all the time you have to enjoy it? While SMSFs can be an excellent option, they do require complicated and monotonous management. Hand the reins over to us for all the benefits with none of the headaches.

Some of the services we can provide for you are:

  • Establishment of SMSF
  • Full administration of the fund
  • Accountingtax and audit of SMSFs including preparation of financials and regulatory returns
  • Advice regarding compliance matters, investment restrictions, tax effective strategies with super including borrowing by super funds
  • Assistance with your investment strategy and wealth creation
  • Updating of deeds
  • Pension implementation administration, including the transition to retirement and allocated pension establishment

Services We Provide