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Will your super fund set you up for a comfortable future? Will you have enough to retire? What would happen to your family if you were not here to support them?

Whether you’re setting up for retirement, or just beginning to question your current super fund, it’s wise to get super advice. Perth clients have found many financial benefits from consulting our accountants for the most up-to-date advice on superannuation, income insurance, and life insurance.

Services We Provide

  • Review your superannuation fund’s current performance
  • Super advice – Perth self-managed super funds
  • Insurance (income protection, trauma, total and permanent disability, life insurance)
  • Contributing to your superannuation to save tax and plan for your retirement (ensure there are sufficient funds to meet your retirement goals)
  • Assistance with your investment strategy and wealth creation
  • Advice on compliance matters including investment restrictions, tax strategies and borrowing from superfunds
  • Advice on rollovers of existing super funds
  • Pension implementation and administration

We Make Your Life Easy

Researching superannuation is time-consuming and complex, especially with legalities to consider. Speaking to a professional makes the process easy.

Link Accounting and Business Solutions are trusted accountants who offer personalised and professional advice to business owners and individuals. We know the ins and outs of tax law and ATO regulations.

We give super advice Perth clients can use to make financial decisions that will most benefit their future. We can successfully increase your tax benefits, help you gain control of your future pension income, and secure massive financial rewards for you and your family.

How Much Super Can I Save?

Your annual salary before tax
Percentage of superannuation rate
Amount of years of estimated super earnt to calculate
Total Saved in Timeframe

Want expert super advice? Perth customers can call our office on 08 9455 7022 or email to find out more.

Services We Provide